Extremely happy with our office experience. From the front desk, to the Assistant, to meeting with Dr. Oblad, the whole appointment was very pleasant and our six year old was very comfortable. Highly recommend for children with abnormal eye issues. Thank you!! 


 The entire staff at Visalia eye treated with kindness and respect. I watched them to the same to every person that was there at the time of my appointment what got my attention was how the staff worked together. Dr. Stan File and his assistants explained everything they were doing. 


 I have been a patient of Dr. Oblad and now of Dr. Stan Fiel. Here is my review of my recent lasik procedure. I had my 1 week post op visit and my vision is better than 20/20 (it's actually 20/15) and I was able to see pretty clear the same day if the surgery. I was near sighted so I no longer need glasses. I was told that eventually we all will need reading glasses but this is to be expected around my 50's. I will suggest you take the medications the offer you before surgery as I elected to not take it (because I wasn't nervous so i didn't think I needed them). If you don't, you will be pretty miserable like I was for the hours following if I would have known that it's best to go to sleep after the surgery I would have taken the medication to at least help me sleep and skip being awake and in pain. Brightness was a big issue for me even with the dark glasses but it's gotten better with every day that passes. My eyes were red the days following and even 1 week post op I can still see some but nothing super noticeable. They did let me know ahead of time that this was to be expected. The procedure itself was not painful at all and lasted about 15 minutes total. It was uncomfortable having to keep your eyes open in bright lights but nothing that was too much for me to hear. And for the ladies, you will need to go a WHOLE WEEK without makeup but if you're a natural beauty you'll be fine. I am not so this is one thing I disliked about this lol Before this, I had been asking my Dr. Oblad when I could consider lasik and it took 2 years of my prescription remaining the same before he pulled the trigger. I was referred over to the surgery side of the building and saw Dr. Stan Feil. I would definitely recommend. And if you have VSP for your eye insurance, depending on your plan, you get a 15% discount on the procedure 

Karen L.

 Dr Kliethermes knows his stuff, he's very thorough and explains everything very well. My son was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis. we saw countless eye drs for years trying to figure out his eye problems. I wish we had come here sooner, thank you Dr K. You've been a blessing. The staff up front are always pleasant and fast. The staff in the back are wonderful, listen and document all our concerns on the computer, help us out with sample drops and coupon codes for expensive specific name brand drops. All the way around the staff are very professional. 

Jorden P.

 Amazing staff. The receptionist staff were inviting and pleasant. I did wait in a crowded (but clean and beautiful) room for 30 minutes prior to my appointment. Dr. Bauman and his assistants were very friendly and relatable. Once I was called back, I did not wait very long to be seen by the Dr. The eyewear shop staff were also very helpful and accommodating. 

Suzanne M.

 The staff and Dr Oblad are incredible. They’re personable, courteous, and genuinely nice. I appreciate the level of customer service given in this office. 

John N.

 It is always a pleasure to come to Dr. Feil's office for my eye care needs. The staff is welcoming and caring in both the office and the surgery center area. I have recommended this office to many others and will continue to do so 

Donna G.